Vertigo Treatment in Meridian, ID

When you hear or use the word vertigo, what do you think of?

  • A constant sensation that your or the world are spinning
  • You feel unsteady on your feet and you bump into the wall
  • When you lay down to fall asleep instead of drifting to sleep you get hit with a vicious spinning sensation
  • The world is shifting side to side or front and back and want to use the wall to brace yourself
  • You are unable to drive in a car as a passenger without feeling lightheaded and wanting to pull over to vomit as your nausea and headache are unbearable

So, what exactly is vertigo?

Vertigo is a term used to describe a sensation that either the world or you are spinning. Most of the time vertigo is used, what is actually meant is dizziness.

No matter which one you experience, neither one is enjoyable.

You have likely been to multiple providers with little to no help. If you’ve told your doctor you’ve experienced vertigo, you may have been told there isn’t much they can do. Maybe you have had imaging to make sure there was no tumor or bleed. You may have been put on different anti-nausea medications and even meclizine but only felt tired and ready for a nap instead of relief.

There is one thing everyone knows with vertigo or dizziness, and that is there often seems to be no real answers or solutions.

Until now …

Vertigo and Dizziness Is A Processing Problem

  • Vertigo is a problem with how your brain is taking in information…
  • From your inner ear and vestibular system, eyes, sensation from your feet, and what you hear
  • When the brain doesn’t take in this information appropriately, that’s why you can experience vertigo and dizziness…
  • There are many reasons why this can occur
  • Most doctors only check the inner ear, but that doesn’t address the whole vestibular system and completely ignores the other components necessary to have balance

Here’s How Our Proven BMB Method Can Help You Reclaim Your Independence and Feeling You are Going To Trip and Fall

If you are ready to identify why you have vertigo or dizziness and get on the path to walking without bumping into a wall then we are here.

Vertigo and dizziness are two of the most common symptoms and diagnoses we see on a daily basis. Despite individuals having failed at other clinics they are able to get a new outcome.

Imagine what life looks like when you have your brain health.


  • Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed without having to slowly move to prevent nausea
  • Going on a trip with your family and finally enjoy the scenery instead of curling up in a ball in the back seat
  • Wake up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom without having to hold onto the wall or use a night light.
  • Go an entire day without even realizing you didn’t have a dizziness or vertigo until your spouse asks how you’re feeling.

You may be wondering how we evaluate vertigo and dizziness. We utilize The BMB Method (Brain, Mind, & Body) that has been refined over the past 9 years. This allows us to look where others aren’t, as well as view each person as an individual by:

  • Evaluating the brain looking at function using eye movements, balance, and brain waves.
  • Evaluating the mind reviewing past traumas and the subconscious programming that prevents you from success in life.
  • Identifying how the different systems in the body are functioning using symptoms and lab testing.

By using The BMB Method we are able to provide answers and solutions when other programs have failed. If you are ready to try a new approach to these symptoms that are robbing you of your life then request your health strategy session today.

Here’s what we’ll cover on the strategy session:

  1. What is going on and for how long?
  2. What have you tried?
  3. Next best step forward