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Functional Medicine Meridian ID Spencer Zimmerman

Spencer Zimmerman NP-C, DC, DACNB

My name is Dr. Spencer Zimmerman, I help individuals who are frustrated from not getting answers from their doctors to discover the root cause of their lack of energy, concentration, brain fog, fb-depression-lp, and other symptoms through a “whole body” approach.

  • Are you struggling to find the energy to play with your children and want to lay in bed all day?
  • Are you forgetting what word you were going to say mid-sentence or find yourself walking to the fridge and opening the door only to forget what you needed to grab?
  • Have you watched a loved one pass with dementia and are worried it is only a matter of time till that is you?
  • Are you struggling with poor balance and bumping into things at night or holding onto the wall to prevent you from tripping?
  • Are you struggling with thinking clearly, concentrating, and feel you have ADHD even though you never had it before?
  • Did you suffer physical or emotional trauma in the past and now have ptsd, fb-depression-lp, or anxiety and are tired of living a life empty of purpose?

I’m a Clinician and Founder at Idaho Brain and Body Institute, where we help individuals struggling with neurological, psychological, and body based symptoms and conditions. I’ve refined my unique method over the past 9 years and have worked with over 1,000 patients. I am a contributing author and featured on podcasts talking about the role of the brain in our health. I am uniquely cross trained as both a Chiropractor and Nurse Practitioner. I’m a Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology, a Peptide Certified Provider through A4M, training in Functional Medicine and Functional Immunology. Our brain defines who we are and what we can become in life, but unfortunately it is one of the least evaluated parts of our health despite playing a role in everything.

I founded the Idaho Brain and Body Institute to provide individuals with a “whole body” approach to find answers to their health concerns. Imagine convincing yourself it must be normal to be forgetful, tired, depressed, and irritable because you have suffered so long following a car accident. Yet, inside you really don’t want to believe it is true, but every provider says nothing is wrong because your imaging is normal. Well, this is what happened to my wife. She suffered for nearly 17 years before we found out she was struggling with chronic concussions that started with car accidents from middle and high school as well as shortly after graduation. Outside of that she didn’t know she had a severe gluten allergy which significantly impacted her memory that made pregnancy brain look good.

I don’t think anyone should have to go through this. Unfortunately, you have likely been through something similar. You want someone who will dig deep to find what is wrong and not stop with imaging and basic lab work. You have likely been to a provider who stops with that and tells you everything is normal and you have fb-depression-lp or anxiety. It makes you really frustrated, but you deserve a provider who will fight for you.

At Idaho Brain and Body Institute, our patients are frustrated because they want to be evaluated as a whole person, as this is done they receive answers and are finally able to see the progress they always knew their body and brain were capable of, but needed someone who would dig deep for them.

Our core health pillars:

  • Brain
  • Mind
  • Body

Each of these core health pillars can impact the ability of the other to improve. We are humans, not robots. We can’t simply replace one part and hope everything works right. A thorough approach to care makes sure everything is functioning in the way it should and corrects the parts that are not. Providing you with a clearer mind, renewed energy, and motivation to take on the day with confidence that your diagnosis and symptoms no longer define you and control your life.

Functional Medicine Meridian ID Amanda

Neuro-Rehabilitation Therapist

Amanda R.

She suffered a concussion and received treatment from Dr. Zimmerman. She wants others to experience the same care and relief she received. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking. She enjoys playing guitar, hiking, and biking with her husband and family.

Functional Medicine Meridian ID Erika

Front Desk Administrator

Erika J.

Hi, My name is Erika, I have 2 beautiful daughters, I enjoy hiking, playing with my dog and spending time with family and friends. I love working at Functional Medicine of Boise because I get to see people receive the help that they have been seeking, and at times had almost given up on.

I like that the providers, Dr. Zimmerman and Lauren Cilfone give the patients individualized care and they look at everything going on instead of focusing on a past diagnosis or only looking in one area of where the problem might be. I love working here, simply because I see patients getting results and feeling heard!

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