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At Idaho Brain and Body Institute our stroke program in Meridian ID is unique as we address the challenges each individual has in their recovery. Having treated strokes over the years we do not limit the improvements someone can obtain. Our providers have worked with countless individuals who walk into the clinic far beyond what their MRI or other providers thought was possible. We believe with the right approach to stroke treatment early everyone can see improved function after a stroke and the disability rate can be reduced.

Stroke Statistics in Meridian ID

Strokes are one of the most devastating things that can happen to an individual. Currently it is estimated that every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and kills about 140,000 individuals each year. Over 80% of individuals who have a stroke will survive. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will end up with long-term disability. Strok eoften impacts mobility, balance, focus, memory, and speech. Recurrent strokes is also a major problem as nearly 25% of individuals who have a stroke have already suffered one in the past. The age for strokes is also decreasing. Strokes used to be something that many individuals thought of in the elderly but now we are frequently seeing it in middle age adults.

At Idaho Brain and Body Institute we believe your brain is capable of great things. This includes continuing to see improvements months and years after the stroke. Traditional rehab typically stops shortly after the stroke. Individuals are told no further progress can be gained and they must learn to live with it, but we disagree.

Stroke Recovery

Stroke recovery is two fold: strengthening the brain and treating underlying health issues.

Strengthening the Brain

Each part of the brain is responsible for different functions. When a stroke occurs it damages parts of the brain. The areas damaged will lead to symptoms because the connections have been impacted. This is why each stroke has different symptoms depending on where it occurred.

The goal is to strengthen the brain. This is done by using individualized and highly specific treatments to targets the areas of the brain that were impacted. The existing pathways need to be strengthened or new routes need to be built. Our cutting edge technology and techniques facilitate this process.

Underlying Health Issues

As mentioned nearly 25% individuals will suffer another stroke. There is nothing more devastating than to see great progress and then suffer another stroke.

There are many health issues that increase the likelihood of a stroke. This can include diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, smoking, and obesity.

A complete treatment plan not only aims at improving function but at reducing the likelihood of having another stroke. If the factors are not addressed it not only increases the risk of another stroke but may prevent you from recovering at the highest level possible.

If you are not satisfied with your current progress contact us today (208) 550-2380 to see how you can take the next steps forward in your recovery.

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