Parkinson’s Disease in Meridian ID

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Parkinson’s Disease in Meridian ID is a neurodegenerative condition. Idaho has the #1 death rate of Parkinson’s in the United States. This disease impacts the part of the brain responsible for movement. Classical symptoms are tremors, slow walking, loss of smell, constipation, and stooped posture. It is estimated that 50-80% of patients with Parkinson’s will progress into a dementia as the area impacted grows.

Managing Parkinson's Disease in Meridian ID

Like any neurodegenerative condition it is very difficult to manage. Research suggests many things that negatively impact those with Parkinson’s. Going after the things that negatively impacts it takes a lot of work and discipline as the process has usually been going on for decades before a tremor develops.

Currently the only medication used is to increase the amount of dopamine. While this can have some improvements with symptoms it doesn’t do anything to slow the underlying process that drives the disease. Outside of medication there is an implant that is used as well but once again it does nothing to stop or slow the underlying process that is killing that part of the brain responsible for movement.

We evaluate multiple factors that may contribute to Parkinson’s such as environmental toxins, hormones, heavy metals, chronic infection, and head injuries. Our comprehensive treatment approach is aimed at identifying the factors and treating each one. The goal is to reduce the amount of damage and to have the brain connect better. This will allow you to function at a higher level and enjoy your life more.

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