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At Idaho Brain and Body Institute we utilize a wide range of therapies to help strengthen and improve the function of the brain. Neurofeedback and Cognitive Training in Meridian ID are two of these.

What is NeuroFeedback in Meridian ID?

Neurofeedback helps to get the brain waves which are electrical currents into a normal range.

One of the assessments we perform is a QEEG. This assessment looks at brain waves such as delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. The different brain waves lead to different functions within the brain. QEEG is used as a tool to help identify areas of the brain not functioning appropriately.

Neurofeedback is a way to help correct the area not doing its job right. For example if there is too much theta and reduced alpha in an area the therapy would aim to help correct that imbalance. Neurofeedback sessions last 20-40 minutes depending on the parts of the brain being trained.

Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is used throughout many of the therapies. Nearly everything we do is meant to improve cognition from eye movements, balance training, rTMS, hyperbaric oxygen, and Neurofeedback. When the brain connects appropriately cognition usually improves.

Cognitive tasks are specifically used during hand-eye coordination using our NeuroSensoryMotor Integration (NSI) equipment. This is a therapy in which we challenge the speed and accuracy of the brain. A indicator of brain health is in how fast and accurately tasks can be performed. Using this therapy is a way to help improve it.

Cognitive therapies are also routinely provided to perform at home following completion of treatment specifically for those with neurodegeneration, stroke, or TBI.

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