Migraines are a cause of tremendous suffering for millions. They result in emotional, physical, and social stress and can interfere with important family functions and work productivity.

Many migraine sufferers live in fear of their next one and oftentimes have tried a variety of medications with little to no success. In the traditional medical system, reducing your migraines by half is considered a success.

At Idaho Brain And Body Institute, we feel that you deserve not only a reduction but also a decrease of duration or intensity of your migraines, or perhaps, complete freedom from migraines.

The Source of Migraines

Many people are aware of the different triggers for migraines, which will be discussed below – but recognizing your triggers are only part of the solution. We need to understand the underlying source of your migraines, which may not be obvious, to provide the best results.

The ultimate source of your migraines is related to the health of your brain, which creates symptoms of nausea, fatigue, and pain as a result. This is why a treatment that focuses on brain health is essential along with shifts in dietary patterns as food can be a serious trigger.

So, what is exactly happening in your brain? Scientists call it “spreading cortical depression.” Basically, this means that days to weeks before a migraine your brain cells (called neurons) move closer to a firing threshold, meaning a small amount of stimulation can cause them to fire.

As the neurons fire more frequently, they burn through the energy supply which creates stress on the cellular energy production centers called mitochondria. This creates a cycle that ultimately leads to energy failure in certain parts of the brain.

When the brain is stimulated at all during a migraine, it creates stress on an area that is already fatigued. This is why many people with migraines are highly sensitive to sounds, lights and even smells and need to avoid stimulation.


Now that you understand the brain as the source of migraines, what are the triggers? There are many triggers, and you may experience more than one.

  • Perfumes
  • Food
  • Stress
  • Smells
  • Poor Sleep
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Hormones
  • Low Iron Levels
  • Low Thyroid Hormone Production

Migraine Treatment

At the Idaho Brain And Body Institute, we not only spend time with you to identify your migraine triggers, but we also work together to customize your treatment in a way that supports your brain through appropriate diet, lifestyle, supplementation, and brain-based stimulation to reduce the duration, intensity, and frequency of your migraines.

Your brain is like a muscle. Initially, when you exercise you may need more frequent breaks, but after time you can perform the same exercise in less time. Not only do you perform it faster, but you recover more quickly. Your brain can be strengthened in a similar manner. As you appropriately exercise your brain and supply it with proper nutrition, you can improve your brain’s energy production and consumption. This improvement translates into a reduction of the intensity, duration, and frequency of your migraines.

​There are many foods that can act as triggers – specifically dairy, gluten, soy, and processed foods. Triggers create inflammation in the gut and then ultimately the brain. Inflammation causes abnormal firing of your neurons leading to mitochondrial stress.

At the Idaho Brain And Body Institute, we team up with you and utilize natural approaches that can improve and support your brain’s energy production and consumption while removing triggers to more effectively treat the source of your migraines.