Lauren started her career as a RN in 2014 on a trauma-surgical inpatient unit, it was here that she witnessed the debilitating impact of chronic illnesses that so many individuals struggle with today. This was the spark that motivated her to be part of the change in how we address chronic conditions. In 2016 she attended George Washington University where she obtained a Master of Science degree and became certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Lauren has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in Obesity Medicine where she frequently encountered chronic dynamics including thyroid issues, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and metabolic dysfunction. Through her experience in both acute care and Obesity Medicine she recognized the many limitations and shortcomings of our current conventional model where we often focus on and treat symptoms without addressing the deeper, root causes of imbalance. This inspired her to shift into functional medicine where she could truly take a whole-person, whole body approach.

Lauren strongly believes in the body’s resilience and ability to heal given the right tools. She is passionate about partnering with patients on their wellness journey to uncover and address the root cause of their symptoms. Lauren believes in an individualized approach and takes the time to listen to each person’s story and the health experiences that brought them to the place they are today. Through a personalized treatment plan, she strives to empower each individual to overcome their health challenges and achieve vibrant, resilient wellness.

When she is not working Lauren enjoys any chance she can to get outside. She cherishes time spent in nature and sunshine and enjoys hitting the trails, paddleboarding, trying out new recipes and curling up with a good book.