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Functional Medicine Meridian ID Lab Testing

Lab testing in Meridian ID is an essential part of the workup and care we provide. Whether the individual is receiving brain based therapies or treatment for autoimmunity or diabetes. Lab work gives us an insight into the current state of the body.

If you are like many of our patients you have been to your PCP or specialists and had basic lab work done. This would include a CBC, liver markers, kidney markers, electrolytes, and some thyroid markers. This would comprise a very basic but often a very incomplete look. Nothing makes people more frustrated than to be told their lab work is normal and there is no reason for why they feel the way they do.

Our lab testing is often very extensive in Meridian ID

We understand that regular basic labs routinely miss underlying factors impacting your health. We utilize many different labs because we need to understand why your body is not adjusting to challenges the way it should. When trying to treat brain health, autoimmunity, and diabetes it is imperative to identify and correct the many factors that are driving a negative outcome.

Different Types of Testing Available:

  • Serum/Blood (Comprehensive Panel, Hormones, Autoimmunity, Infections, and much more)
  • Saliva (Hormones and Cortisol)
  • Stool (Gut health and Inflammation)
  • Urine (Heavy Metals, Mold, Environmental Toxins, Organic Acids, and more)

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