Much too often people get frustrated because they suffer continually from tiredness and fatigue, weight gain and inability to lose weight, poor focus and brain fog, memory concerns, mood swings including anxiety and depression, and so much more. Many spend years telling doctors about their symptoms only to be treated with pills that might cover them up, but never get to the root of the problem. They might spend even more years trying to find answers for why they are still feeling the way they do. Some seek care outside of traditional medicine, like functional medicine, but even among most functional medicine providers, the treatments still focus on treating symptoms, albeit naturally. Many such providers are still not addressing the underlying causes. It is essential to uncover the root causes in order to correct and even halt chronic degeneration. To take this approach it is essential to go back to the basics of physiology.

It is essential to know the true physiology behind the thyroid and how it affects our bodies. First, every cell that makes us who we are needs thyroid hormone. Yes, it’s a hormone. What we’re talking about is T3 (Liothyroinine) which is the active thyroid hormone. It is produced/converted in response to stimulus from our environment and the need for each cell in our bodies to have energy to run all of its machinery. Energy, or ATP, is the currency for any life-sustaining process. This ATP is generated in hundreds of mitochondria within each cell, but only when the DNA in the nucleus of the cell gets enough thyroid input, much like getting enough power from a power outlet. It’s the signal from the cell’s DNA to get things going. On the contrary, if the signal is blocked, the mitochondria will not be able to “create” enough energy (ATP) for that cell to function and it must “rest” or be inactivated until it receives that input or signal again. If it never does get the signal, different things can happen. Mitochondria can die. This ultimately leads to premature cell death. This also results in other DNA signals getting sent instead (because they are “switched” on or off) and the cell ends up making inflammatory substances, dividing itself in a “sick-state” such as cancer, or other autoimmune effects reducing sensitivity to hormone signals needed for proper function. As a result of the cell not getting proper thyroid input, and because EVERY CELL in our bodies needs thyroid hormone, many different symptoms may occur. Thus,the risks of not having the proper thyroid treatment, if you actually need it, may lead to you having issues with the following, to name only a few:

  • Headaches
  • Arthritis -pain
  • Heart problems
  • Sleep apnea -sleep problems
  • Diabetes
  • Low Blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s like diseases
  • Miscarriage, Difficulty falling pregnant, Pre-mature birth, and pregnancy complications

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