Balance Testing

Balance is a great indicator of brain health. Balance is made up of what you see, feel, hear, and input from your vestibular system (think of inner ears but that is only part of it). Balance testing is simple but is very profound for many brain based conditions including but not limited to concussion, TBI, stroke, vertigo, and neurodegeneration.

Video Oculography

Oculography is a fancy term for eye movements. Eye movements have long been considered a window into the brain. With a 15 minute test we are able to evaluate multiple parts of the brain. Dysfunction in eye movements are routinely off in concussion, TBI, stroke, neurodegeneration, and vertigo.

Cognitive Testing

Depending on the needs of the patient we utilize two different systems for cognitive testing. These are based off of neuropsychological testing that has been performed for years. We utilize Cambridge Brain Sciences and CNS Vital Signs. These are not only used as part of initialtesting but as a way to monitor the efficacy of treatment.