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We help individuals who are tired of being told it is all in their head and chasing one symptom after another while trialing one medication after another to find the answers to chronic fatigue, thyroid, brain fog, fb-depression-lp, autoimmunity, concussions, and dizziness utilizing a “whole body” approach in Meridian ID.

  • Do you feel you are just a number going in and out of the doctors office and wish they would spend time with you?
  • Are you tired of trying one medication after another being told the side effects are just part of it and there is nothing else you can do?
  • Do you know there has to be a better solution, but just aren’t sure what questions to ask or where to look?
  • Are you ready to be evaluated as a whole person because you know your health is the sum of your parts: brain, mind, and body?

Over the past 9 years we have refined a unique method that evaluates why your body and brain are not bouncing back to health. You know it has the capability, because it doesn’t make sense that our bodies and brain would break that quick unless there was something preventing it from recovering.

Our comprehensive approach in Meridian ID allows us to identify where your health is being held back: brain, mind, and body, without prematurely picking only one system to address and ignoring the rest.

The Brain-Mind-Body Method (BMB Method) provides the answers and solutions you need to take your health down the right path. This method is built upon evaluating and treating the brain, mind, and body.

Imagine in Meridian ID

  • Being able to go to work and then come home with a clear mind and the energy to pla with your children or hang out with friends.
  • Getting off medications for fb-depression-lp and anxiety, while experiencing joy in the small things in life: a walk, birds chirping, or the feel of a gentle breeze on a warm day.
  • Finish grocery shopping and get everything put up and actually remember where you put things instead of wondering where you put that … that thing again.
  • Successfully multitask at home and work without feeling your energy draining and the neck pain starting at the base of your skull that previously would have turned into a headache that would make you go to bed even though it is only 6 pm.
  • Spend time with your family and friends because you no longer juggle multiple doctors appointments and feel guilty for ruining the fun for everyone else as you finally found a solution to the underlying causes holding you back.

BMB Method Evaluation

We look at the brain through functional neurological testing. Imaging has its place but unless you have a stroke, fracture, tumor, or dementia it is unlikely to provide much. value. Functional testing provides us an insight into how different parts of the brain are performing, this can be done using balance, eye movement, and brain wave testing.

Body testing is done using markers that show us how the body is functioning, as well as factors that may prevent it from doing its job right (blood sugar, inflammatory markers, autoimmune markers, infections, mold, etc.). We are able to use blood, saliva, urine, or stool testing to provide you with specific answers you need to guide to identify why the body is healing and individualize a treatment plan for you.

A mental health diagnosis does not tell us a whole lot. The question is why are you suffering from fb-depression-lp, anxiety, and ptsd. We evaluate your past history to identify contributing events as well as help you facilitate a mindset of healing. We all have emotional bumps and bruises that occur over time, whether being bullied, abuse, parents divorce, death in the family, or personal divorce that changes how our brain is wired.

These changes can prevent us from becoming who we are capable of as it runs in the background of our life and doesn’t let us heal at the highest level possible.

BMB Method Treatment

The BMB Method testing allows us to identify where the blocks are in your health recovery to create an individualized plan for you. No two treatment plans are the same and the testing allows us to find the right approach for you.

Treatment is based around correcting the underlying causes of brain, body, and mind dysfunction. We have many options available, but the following are often used.

  • Brain based therapy to connect the brain: eye movements, balance, and sensory stimulation.
  • Lifestyle changes to support an environment of healing, we are here to help with your recovery but you are the most important part of the journey
  • Specific nutritional strategies to support the health of your cells, reduce inflammation,
    and improve immune function.
  • Ways to modulate brain wave dysfunction seen with fb-depression-lp, ptsd, anxiety, cognitive health, and insomnia utilizing transcranial magnetic stimulation and neurofeedback
  • Mindset reboot to process past trauma that couldn’t be properly addressed with counseling.

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